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4 SUPER ACE ONLINE CASINO Slot Machine: How to Play

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JILI slot created and released the exciting online game Super Ace Slot Machine.

This slot machine game with a card theme boasts distinctive graphics, featuring original card illustrations used as symbols, quick but entertaining animations, and an abstract background.

Super Ace makes it simpler to access the free spin bonus game, and by collecting three scatters, you can access the free game and double your chances of forming winning combinations.

The lowest volatility slot machine demo game has a greatest bonus multiplier of 1500X.

How to Play Super Ace Slot Machine Game

Super Ace has five reels and a total of 1024 ways to win.

The basic symbols are the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace along with the four playing card suits.

There is also a golden variant of each of these cards.

Only the middle three reels have the golden variants, and when one of them is eliminated, it transforms into a wild card.

When necessary, the wild card can take the place of any missing basic symbol.

 It might also take the form of a little or large wild card that duplicates itself on a few other spots.

Additionally, a progressive win multiplier is applied to subsequent wins in this game.

Finally, three scatter icons must appear to start ten free spins with a higher progressive win multiplier.

Super Ace Slot Machine – Golden Card

Only reels 2, 3, and 4 will include the Golden Card.

A “Joker Card” will turn over into its original position when a Golden Card is eliminated.

The identical pattern that eliminates hits can be seen in both the Golden Card and the Normal Card.

Super Ace Slot Game – Joker Card

The Joker Card won’t show up until a Golden Card has been vanquished.

The Joker Card comes in two modes: Big Joker Card and Little Joker Card.

When the Big Joker Card appears, the original position of the Golden Card will become a Big Joker Card, and Big Joker Cards will be randomly replicated and replaced with the other symbols.

When the Little Joker Card appears, only the original position of the Golden Card will become a Litter Joker Card.

A Joker Card is equivalent to a Wild Abysmal, meaning that it can replace any other symbol, meaning that is can replace any other symbol, except scatter.

Super Ace Slot Machine – Elimination Multiplier

In a general game, the Elimination Multiplier is displayed as x1, x2, x3, and x5.

For the winning points gained after each elimination hit, the winning points will be multiplied by the current value on the Elimination Multiplier.

The Fist Match for each spin is counted beginning at x1.

As long as the First Match in each spin wins a prize, the Elimination Multiplier of the second match can be increased by one level to x2.

As long as the Second Match in each spin wins a prize, the Elimination Multiplier of the third match can be increased by one level x3.

As long as the Fourth Match in each spin wins a prize, the Elimination Multiplier of the fourth match (and thereafter) can be increased by one level to x5.

When no more hits are possible, the Elimination Multiplier returns to level one, x1, and proceeds to the next spin.

Super Ace Slot Machine – Free Spins Game

10 rounds of the free game are awarded for collecting three scatters.

The Elimination Multiplier is doubled in the Free Spins Game and is then increased to x2, x4, x6, and x10.

The Elimination Multiplier regulations are the same in the Free Spins Game as in the Regular Game, but the Elimination Multiplier values are double.

To receive an additional 5 rounds of the free spins game, which can be accumulated again, collect three scatter symbols during the free game.

Online Casino


Playing online casino can have both positive and negative consequences, and whether it is “bad” or not depends on a variety of factors.

In general, it’s important to approach online casino with caution and to gamble responsibly.

This means setting limits on how much money and time you spend, being aware of the risks, and seeking help if you feel that your gambling is becoming problematic.

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