FIFA 2022 RANKINGS 5 Best Sweeper Keepers

FIFA 2022 RANKINGS: 5 Best Sweeper Keepers

FIFA 2022 RANKINGS 5 Best Sweeper Keepers

We all know that it’s important to have a goalkeeper with a safe pair of hands. Catching crosses, stopping shots, and repelling anything that comes into the penalty area are fundamental skills you want your #1 to have.

But these days, it’s just as important to have a goalkeeper who is good with the ball at his feet; rather than just throwing it forward, he can pick out an accurate pass, improve your team’s possession statistics and quickly turn defense into offense. A technically gifted goalkeeper is also better suited to play higher up the field, so your defenders can sneak up the field and increase the pressure on the opposition. So who do you want between the posts in FIFA 22? In this FIFA ranking article, Nexbetsports select 5 of the best “sweepers”. goalkeepers in the game.

FIFA 22 RANKINGS- Great Sweeper Keeper #5: Ederson (Man City & Brazil)

Nexbetsports thought the best goalkeeper in the Premier League? If it were not for Alisson, this would not even be in question. Unfortunately for Ederson, the Liverpool goalkeeper is also his rival for the No. 1 jersey of Brazil, which means that the Selecao has the two best stoppers in international soccer.

Ederson’s greatest strength is his ability on the ball. His vision and precision have often helped Premier League champions Manchester City to break down and beat the opposition press. During his time at the Etihad Stadium, the 28-year-old even recorded 2 assists.

He is also a formidable stopper – and an imposing presence on crosses; 91 clean sheets in 182 Premier League appearances are testament to that. On FIFA 22, Ederson has an overall score of 89. Strength (93) while his diving, handling, reflexes and positioning are all in the late 80s.

FIFA 22 RANKINGS- Great Sweeper Keeper #4: Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona & Germany)

“You have to be good enough to keep Manuel Neuer out of the German team. Clearly then, Marc-Andre ter Stegen is up there with the best in the world right now. A terrific sweeper-guard who is great with both feet, Marc-Andre ter Stegen has an impressive reading of the game. He is also capable of making outstanding saves and has kept 129 clean sheets in 322 games for Barcelona.

On FIFA 22, while he may not have the blistering speed of his line of other goalkeepers on this list (his Acceleration is rated at just 41 and his Sprint Speed at 53), there are few better #1s than Marc-Andre ter Stegen when it comes to handling – he scores 88. And when you combine that with high scores in diving (88), kicking (88), positioning (88) and reflexes (90), he’s one of the best goalkeeping options in the game.

FIFA 22 RANKINGS- Great Sweeper Keeper #3: Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich & Germany)

Mention the phrase “sweeper keeper” and chances are the first name that comes to mind is Manuel Neuer. The German is excellent with the ball at his feet and known for making bold shots upfield to stop attacks; his lightning fast Interventions normally come in before the opponent realizes he’s there.That said, his moves don’t always succeed – he’s made some high-profile mistakes over the years.

Like during the 2018 FIFA World Cup match between Germany and South Korea. With his team trailing 1-0 in stoppage time, Neuer charged down the field to support Germany’s attacking play. He received the ball in a forward position in midfield, with virtually all of his teammates in play. or around the Korean penalty area, waiting for a cross.Rather than throw it to him, he tried to cut back Korean striker Ju Se-jong and was easily dispossessed.His much more agile opponent then backed up inside, leaving Manuel Neuer desperate Ju Se-jong found Son Heung-min with a long pass and the Spurs striker had the easy task of rolling the ball into an empty net.

But blunders like this are rare.You only have to look at Manuel Neuer’s collection of medals – including 10 Bundesliga titles, 2 UEFA Champions League trophies and a World Cup winner’s medal – to prove that he is the best in the business.Reflects his greatness: rated 90 overall, his Goal Kicking is, without doubt, his most impressive attribute at 91.

FIFA 22 RANKINGS- Great Sweeper Keeper #2: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham & France)

The Tottenham skipper has arguably just completed his best season for the club.Not only did he help Antonio Conte’s team defy the odds to qualify for the UEFA Champions League ahead of bitter rivals Arsenal, but the influential keeper also kept 16 clean sheets – a total bettered only by Ederson and Alisson.

What makes Hugo Lloris a fan favorite is his ability to stifle an offensive move before it develops – a true sweeper keeper. It helps that he is super fast to begin with; this is reflected in his FIFA 22 stats, where his acceleration is rated at 61 and his Sprint Speed 62 – both impressive for a goalkeeper.With a cat score of 88 for reflexes and an overall score of 87, Lloris is undoubtedly one of the best all-around goalkeepers in the game.

FIFA 22 RANKINGS- Great Sweeper Keeper #1: Alisson Becker(Liverpool & Brazil)

Brazil has produced some outstanding sweeper keepers over the years and Alisson is among the best of them. Faster off the line than an Olympic sprinter and with impeccable technique on the ball, there’s no reason to think Alisson Becker couldn’t play in midfield or attack. He’s that good.

Since joining Liverpool in 2018, he has been a revelation. In 136 Premier League appearances for the Reds, the Brazilian has kept an impressive 64 clean sheets. And in 2021-22, he has completed 1,177 passes, more than any other goalkeeper except Brighton. Robert Sanchez.

The proof of his daring skills came in the fierce derby against Manchester United in April 2022. The goalkeeper had the ball at his feet in his penalty area with United Bruno Fernandes pressing him. Completely unflappable, Alisson Becker pulled a Cruyff turn from the bag to avoid a potentially dangerous situation and leave Fernandes with an egg on his face. Cool as you like. This is a man you really want between the FIFA sticks; rated 89 overall Alisson Becker’s reflexes, positioning and acceleration all date back to the late 80s.

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