FIFA Rankings 5 Best Portuguese Players Who Aren’t Ronaldo

FIFA Rankings: 5 Best Portuguese Players Who Aren’t Ronaldo

FIFA Rankings 5 Best Portuguese Players Who Aren’t Ronaldo

The genius of Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniable in FIFA. He is the greatest international striker of all time (by far), has broken records for Real Madrid and has won more trophies than most people could ever take home. At 37, he’s still one of the best attacking players around – he finished as Manchester United’s top scorer last season with 18 goals in all competitions and at times saved them almost single-handedly. He was the bright spot in an otherwise abject campaign.

But he won’t last forever. And while his country will miss him, Portugal has other stars to turn to. In Nexbetsports this article, we rank the top 5 Portuguese players who are not Ronaldo.

FIFA RANKINGS- Best Portuguese Players #5: Joao Felix

Joao Felix is a different style of striker to Ronaldo – he may have more in common with former Manchester City and Argentina star Sergio Aguero.

Joao Felix followed in Aguero’s footsteps by signing for Atletico Madrid, who paid Benfica €135 million for the Portuguese international in 2019. In 109 appearances for Diego Simeone’s team, Joao Felix has scored 28 times and provided 15 assists. In his 82 La Liga appearances, the 22-year-old – who currently earns a salary of £154,000 per week – has fired 139 shots on goal, created 140 chances and completed 80 dribbles.

For his country, he has scored 3 goals in 22 appearances. And while not a prolific record, time is definitely on his side – he’s still a work in progress.

This is reflected in Joao Felix’s FIFA 22 scores. With an overall score of 83 and a potential 91, the versatile forward makes a superb addition to any team. He has high scores for Dribbling (88), Agility (88), Ball Control (87) and Composure (86). And with Shot Power, Long Shots, Curve and Volleys all in the 80s, it’s worth it to have a pop from outside the zone when in possession.

FIFA RANKINGS- Best Portuguese Players #4: Bruno Fernandes

After signing for Manchester United in 2020, Bruno Fernandes was a revelation. He scored 65 goals in his first 79 games, but – like many of his teammates – his performances dropped off sharply in 2021-22. His contributions of 24 goals in 46 games aren’t a terrible return, but it’s still a significant drop.

But now, with Erik ten Hag in charge at Old Trafford, are we about to see a Bruno Fernandes resurgence? That would be great news for Portugal, especially in a World Cup year. The attacking midfielder has scored 8 goals and provided 7 assists in 46 appearances and can win games on his own.

Bruno Fernandes also has star quality on FIFA 22. His 91 Endurance means he’ll continue to make energetic runs until the final whistle, while his Vision and Reactions (also both 91) mean he’ll always be one step ahead of his opponents. In short, he’s a versatile class act, reflected in his overall score of 87.

FIFA RANKINGS- Best Portuguese Players #3: Ruben Neves

Wolves’ star player for the last 5 seasons (4 of them in the Premier League), Ruben Neves is considering a move away from Molineux this summer.

According to some rumors, Barcelona is a potential suitor, but their financial situation is complicated – and it is believed that they are prioritizing the signings of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich and Raphinha from Leeds.

Manchester United is another possible destination for the posh midfielder, who probably feels he has done enough to earn a transfer to a top European club, as well as a lucrative contract. He has, after all, scored 15 goals and provided 8 assists in 142 Premier League appearances for Wolves and all from a central midfield position.

Sign the 24-year-old to your FIFA 22 team and you’ll acquire a player ranked 83 overall with a potential 88. Ruben Neves excels when your team is in possession of the ball – long and short passes are both rated 88. He also scores high for vision (87), composure (86), shooting power and curve (both 85). So it’s advisable to have a crack at distance – and don’t bet against him scoring a world in Qatar in real life this winter!

FIFA RANKINGS- Best Portuguese Players #2: Diogo Jota

When Diogo Jota signed for Liverpool from Wolves in a £45 million transfer in 2020, few expected him to make such a massive impact.

But a remarkable start to his Anfield career has seen him score 34 goals in 85 appearances and the club are reportedly in talks with his representatives to offer the striker a new and improved contract.

In 2021-22, Diogo Jota has scored 15 goals and provided 4 assists in a team brimming with attacking talent. His average rating of 7.08 on in 35 appearances ranks him among the top 30 players in the Premier League. Although he faces plenty of competition in his national team’s attacking positions, it will be difficult for Portuguese coach Fernando Santos not to start the striker – especially since he is so versatile; he started 19 games as a center forward for Jurgen Klopp’s team last season and 11 on the left side of the attack.

Sign the 24-year-old on FIFA and you have a player with an overall rating of 85 and 89 potential. Diogo Jota’s movement is spectacular; Positioning (89), acceleration (88), reactions and agility (87) and balance (86) mean he is a handful for all but the fastest defenders. While his Finishing (86) and Dribbling (85) make him the complete package on offense.

FIFA RANKINGS- Best Portuguese Players #1: Bernado Silva

Take Ronaldo out of the equation and Bernado Silva is arguably the best Portuguese player of the bunch. Bernado Silva has been surprisingly consistent for Manchester City, averaging a rating above 7 out of 10 in each of the last 4 seasons.

You would be hard pressed to find a player who holds the ball better and very few work harder when his team is out of possession. Bernado Silva is still capable of scoring – he scored 8 goals in the Premier League in 2021-22 – and his passing is on point; his pass completion percentage in the top flight last season was 89.6%.

These attributes are well reflected in FIFA 22. With high scores for agility (94), dribbling (92), balance (92) and ball control (91), add him to your team to run rings around your opponents.

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