Nexbetsports fishing games Introduction

Fishing Machine is a game that originated in the Japanese night market, and then gradually became popular around the world with the trend. Therefore, people gradually called fishing as “fishing” or “shooting fish”. And how to play fishing machine? The player will have a turret and there will be many schools of fish on the game screen for the player to choose the type of shells to use and choose the target to hit, each fish has different points, if you get enough points, you can redeem the corresponding points and you can use the game of fishing machine to earn money In Nexbetsports.

Introduction of Fishing Game

Nexbet Jackpot Fishing

JILI fishing

Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing has a large number of reward fish species and colorful bosses waiting for you to challenge.




PLAYSTAR is a global online gaming provider with over ten years experience developing Slot, Fishing, Card, and Arcade games.


KAGAMING fishing


Five dragons cruising the four seas, catching dragons and fishing to make a fortune

About Nexbetsports Fishing Game

Nexbetsports Fishing Machines offer a unique experience to players as they just similar to slots but have a more interactive element to the gameplay that is happening. Coupled with the cool concepts and themes for each fishing games, players would have a exciting period shooting fish to win big at the casino.

The cool part is each machine allows up to 8 players to play simultaneously hence you could have that showdown or fun experience together with your friends. So do come on over and try playing our fishing machine games and who know you could win big indeed!

About fishing machine

You must understand that all fishing games have a mechanism called “rake rate”, which means that when you put 1000 pesos and the machine will only give back 990 pesos, then this 10 pesos is the rake rate of the casino. Fishing machines and slot machines are the same concept, in order to hit the jackpot for ordinary players, because the machine will continuously accumulate all the chips (Jackpot) until it reaches the set jackpot threshold. You must therefore understand that when you win money on a fishing machine, it is not the money you win the machine, but the money of other players, and the machine (or the casino operator) here simply acts as a place equipment and ask for it The role of the “service charge” is the only one.

How to play

No matter how powerful or large the system is, there will always be flaws, big or small, and the players who can master these details are the best of them. As you will see, the fishing machine is a game that requires a lot of wisdom. When the attack position is close to your own fort, there are lantern fish, devil fish, turtles, etc. It is not difficult to see that these fish are actually moving very slowly. At this point, you just need to adjust the angle and attack calmly. You’ll find that the score keeps increasing.

How to make MONEY

Fishing games are basically divided into three periods: “play”, “earn points”, “spit points”, these three periods are very important! Because they represent what will be the biggest result when you play. Due to the design principle of the game, in order to continuously encourage players to keep playing and maintain a stable income, these three states will continue to appear alternately, and eventually the normal situation will return to the first mentioned point, you earn money The state is nothing more than a partial “pumping” that has been charged.

Nexbetsports Fishing game provider

It’s time for a new frontier in online fun. Nexbetsports offers exciting online fish shooting game where you can compete against players from all around the world, test your luck and aim! Participate in exciting tournaments or cash out instantly with cash prizes. Play online fish catching games, win huge jackpots and real money prizes, enjoy our exclusive bonuses and much more at Nexbetsports!

JILI Fishing Gaming​

Jili fishing game both boast high RTP and plenty of entertainment, with RTP being the most important aspect of the game, after all, it is closely related to the player’s income. Jili slots are themed on mythology, Egyptian culture, and Chinese history, giving players a strong sense of immersion and elevating the immersive experience to a new level. Jili enriches each frame with detailed descriptions of cultural backgrounds and bold character depictions, so you won’t feel bored even after playing for a long time.

PLAYSTAR Fishing Gaming

PlayStar is a fast-rising software developer . The company supplies real money online casino games focusing on the Asian markets, as you will see in its offerings. Three values influence the company’s philosophy. They are technology, trust, and humanity. Trust seems to be the most outstanding value with the developer’s interest in preaching responsible gambling.

KAGAMING Fishing Gaming

KA Gaming is an experienced content developer, and they have built an outstanding reputation all over the world. KA’s series of innovative fish-shooting games like King Octopus and Fish Hunter is extremely popular in Asia.Their games are stable, work on all devices thanks to their HTML5 technology, and support over 100 currencies, including many cryptocurrencies. With an average RTP of 96% and moderate volatility, KA Gaming’s slots are considered fair and attractive by players around the world and are in-demand with operators in many regions. KA Gaming is dedicated to making the gaming experience smooth, pleasant, and rewarding.

How to win in fishing game

Check out the winning skills of the fish shooting game prepared by Nexbetsports, it will leads you to the victory.

follow the fast fish

You can follow fast moving fish. At this point, you can activate the machine gun mode to shoot the fish frantically, which will greatly improve the chances of winning.

Master the fish

The fish that send points are usually very close to the fort, and these fish swim very slowly, hitting almost every shot, so they can be used as points that the machine will give you.

Pay attention to the size of the fish

The natural success rate of shooting fish will be relatively high, and this is an opportunity to be seized; what should be noted here is that if you find a group of large fish moving quickly, it is recommended to wait for these fish to pass before starting to shoot, do not waste shells to attack .

Try first

Basically, before the pin or luck arrives, it is recommended to use small guns to shoot slowly.After all, even small guns are not good for fishing, so there is no need to waste guns. When did it turn into an artillery assault? After you discover that you can hit a lot of fish with the small cannon, you can launch a more violent attack! After playing for a while, if you find that you can’t catch any more fish, go back to the small cannon. The key point of the fishing machine strategy is not to be greedy, and only this type of strategy can help you really make a lot of money.

Know the weak spot

The limbs of some fish are weak points, most fish are gilled and finned front and back, the cannonball should be as high as possible. No matter what fish you hit, try to shoot the cannonball parallel to the fish, hitting both sides of the fish.

Fish that was alone

If you hit a position where others have lost points, if you hit the fish 300 times with 1,000 guns, you will directly win 1,000 X 300, or 300,000 points. Players will definitely win using this method!

Blood of fishing

Usually, because there is a scoring period between positions, the big fish in the position that eats the points will never die, and the players who do not understand will definitely be killed.For those who are in the cycle of feeding, after death, you can just use 1000 guns to relax a little, and the fish will die. Simple and practical. These simple and practical fishing skills are not for everyone, because everyone is in a hurry during the fishing process, who will wait? Therefore, although it is easy to win playing fishing machines, it is necessary to establish a good attitude and patience.

Control the game time of day

Best 3-4 hours a day. Because there are actually many things to consider when playing fishing, such as catching a big fish or fishing slowly, each scenario must be carefully considered and then implemented. If you spend more than 4 hours a day, your thinking will become dull. Your mind will only think about the game and not about how to fight. This will only send money, so it is important to control the timing of the game.

Fishing Machine Tips Guide

Fishing machine is suitable for all ages, come and feel his joy and excitement