Why Baccarat is the best game for beginners

Why Baccarat is the best game for beginners


Your first casino experience can be both exciting and frightening. This can lead to mistakes if you jump into one of the more complex games. But for the first-time gamblers, an easily game is a good option.

Baccarat is easy to play, with just a few simple choices and the dealer taking care of everything else. It also offers a low casino edge, which is why it is always a game we recommend to the beginner and online casino players.

The game I am referring to in this article is sometimes referred to as “mini-baccarat” or “midi-baccarat“. It is played on what looks like a blackjack table, with the casino providing a dealer to handle all the action, including dealing, collecting and paying out bets.

Initially, Baccarat allowed players to take turns licensing and banking games. You can still find this version of baccarat in some of the larger casinos, but mini-baccarat is more popular. Here are five reasons why Baccarat is the best casino game for beginners.

The simple rules

The great thing about playing Baccarat is that you don’t even need to know the rules of the game. The only thing you need to do is decide how much to bet and choose from one of three betting options. The actual rules are a bit complicated, but the casino will take care of everything. You can bet on a banker, a player or a draw. I’ll talk through more detail about this in the next section, but a draw bet is one of the worst bets in the casino, so the only real choice is between a banker and a punter.

Baccarat is a game in which two hands are dealt two cards each. One hand is the banker’s hand and the other is the loosers hand. It does not matter how many players are at the table, there are only two hands.

The two hands are compared and if one or both of them meet certain criteria, they are awarded an extra card. The two or three card hands are then added together and the hand with the highest value in the ‘individual’ column wins.

This can sometimes be confusing for first time players as in games like Blackjack the cards are added together and the total value is used. In Baccarat, if a hand is 10 or higher, the first number is subtracted from the total.

For example – a hand of 8 and 9 has a total of 17 points. because it is greater than 10, you only count the individual numbers, so the final baccarat value is 7.

Don’t worry about any of this as the dealer knows and follows all the rules and looks after all the winners and losers.

The simple strategy

The best baccarat strategy to use each time is easily summed up in one simple sentence.

Always bet on the banker’s hand.

When you bet on the dealer’s hand, you pay a 5% commission on the winning bet, but even after the commission, the house edge is only 1.06%. This is less than 1.24% of the player’s hand.

I mentioned above the draw bet, which has a casino edge of over 14%. This is a terrible casino edge, higher than almost any slot machine offered by the casino.


Low House Edge

Baccarat combines ease of play and strategy with one of the lowest casino edges in the casino. The house bet is just over 1%, which is a lower edge than any double dice bet, slots, roulette, keno, all table games except blackjack and most video poker games.

Here’s how the casino edge relates to the cash win/loss.

If you multiply the casino edge by the total amount you wager, the resulting figure is the average casino revenue. This is also the average amount you lose. The important thing to remember is that the casino edge applies to each bet, not just the total amount of money you have.

You may have $200 to play with, and you will bet $10 to play the game. If you play 100 hands, you would bet a total of $1,000. In this example, you multiply $1,000 by the casino edge, which is the average number you lose.

Therefore, if you bet on a draw, you would lose over $140 on a bet worth $1,000. In contrast, the average loss for the same $1,000 bet on the bookmaker’s hand is only $10.60. The expected loss per $1,000 bet on the player’s hand is $12.40.

It is important to understand that in a few hands, you may lose or win more than the expected value based on the casino advantage. If you play a hand of baccarat and bet $20 on the dealer’s hand, you will either win $19 or lose $20!

The mathematical calculation of the casino edge is that the casino will make the right amount of money in the long run. Casinos don’t worry about the short term because they know that if they place millions of bets, the casino edge will generate a steady profit over time.

This also means that the more games you play with the casino edge, the faster the casino will drain your money. That’s why it’s so important to play games with a low casino edge.

Big online bonuses

The only difference between playing baccarat in a live casino and playing it online is the speed of play and the availability of bonuses when playing online. This makes Baccarat one of the best games to play online or in a mobile casino, as you can usually get a large reload bonus.

The reload bonus usually matches your deposit percentage, which will increase your funds and keep you playing longer.

Let’s say you find a 200% reload bonus up to $500. You deposit $500 and get an additional $1,000 bonus for a total of $1,500. This means you can play three times as long.

Plenty of social time

You’ll have plenty of time to socialise with the other players at the table.

You can also talk to the casino manager if they wish.

I find that most casino managers are happy to talk to punters. This is probably more to do with the fact that casino managers understand that a large part of their income comes from tips rather than wanting to be friendly to gamblers.



With simple gameplay, easy strategy and a low casino edge, Baccarat is the perfect choice for first-time casino players. Join a table, place a minimum bet on the dealer’s hand and let the dealer handle everything else. Before you know it, you’ll be acting like a casino veteran.


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